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Here is what we have co-created for you:


A book to keep on coming back to...

It has been my great pleasure to have been a part of bringing this book to you all. When Heidi and Jane of Amara Collaboration asked me whether I would have some practices I used with my clients to share with them, little did I know that not only would I contribute to the practices, but also end up writing a forward to the book as well as playing a part in editing it along the way. I always loved to read, yet I never thought of myself as a writer or an editor. Well, I guess there is a first time for everything. 

And what a book it is. If you are looking for a collection of practical, down to earth, and, well, street smart ways to develop and mature your leadership, look no further. There are practices to go deeper building your awareness as in individual, grow your capacity to engage with others, and be better able to navigate complex systems. The trick is to actually practices, that is, not only read this book, but also put an effort to take these practices on board, make them your own, and take them out to the world. 


Amara AdVenture - Your Playground for Passionate and Pragmatic Learning

Here is another first for me, delivering an online learning platform, a true collaboration with Amara. Learning is my thing, I do not think I will ever be done learning. Teaching, on the other hand, is not something I thought I would enjoy. And enjoy I did. It has truly been a labour of love. And like a child it is now ready for the world. Like a child it will grow and mature as well, building on experiences of those engaged with it, reacting and responding to the environment it is now in. So, warm welcome to this exciting AdVenture

You may be wondering why embark on this AdVenture? Well, I always thought AdVentures are more fun in the company of like-minded co-AdVenturers who can encourage and support you, so here is that. Also, like in any good AdVenture, there are so many possibilities and opportunities to discover, and learn, and grow, and be transformed. Like the heroes of yesteryears, you may feel called into the unknown, in search of something. Let's journey together and discover what this something is. Come join us. 

If you are more of a coutious type, here are a few tasters of what to expect in this AdVenture.

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