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I am Alevtina Kraseninnikova. I am a transformational leadership development specialist. I work with individuals, teams and organisations who know it is time to transform their leadership, to grow and evolve in ways supportive of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

I have got to experience change and transformation first hand back in a day, when I held management and senior leadership positions in the large multinationals across the Globe. Mergers, acquisitions, system implementations, teams' reorganisations - you name it and I have most probably done it. And that was all while leading and inspiring teams, large and small. It is all about people after all

Alevtina Kraseninnikova - a transformational leadership development specialist

And at some point time came to realise that the only change I am really responsible of is that of my own.  So, I did some studying, and I did some travelling, and I worked with the best in the field taking it all in. Still do, I do not think it will ever end.

Now I am here, to help you with changes of your own. Curious what we can do together? Let's find out. 

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