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I am Alevtina Kraseninnikova. I am a transformational leadership development specialist. I work with individuals, teams and organisations who know it is time to transform their leadership, to grow and evolve in ways supportive of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Alevtina Kraseninnikova - a transformational leadership development specialist


Transformational Leadership

Everything around us is in a constant flux and transformation. What has been stable and familiar only a short while back is now new and uncertain. Next to the changing environment, you are transforming as well. And you find that tried and tested ways that helped you reach where you are today no longer support you. You sense that your transformation and that of your team and organisation are an imperative that no longer can be ignored.


Individual Coaching

Transformational leadership work may be for you, when and if you find yourself in transition. You may be stepping into a new role in your organisation or moving organisations for it. You may be in transition to a bigger role with larger responsibilities. You may be in the midst of taking your team or your organisation to the next level. Perhaps you find yourself not only changing roles but also moving countries and cultures. Whatever it is, you know it is time for a bigger game that requires your personal growth.


Team coaching

This may be for your team when they need to step up their game to meet challenges they face. This could be due to cultural changes in the organisation; or there is a need for them to pull together to be able to deliver on a project; or teams are affected because of merger, acquisitions or reorganisation; or they want to get better and reach further. They know that something needs to change and need support and resources to make it happen.


Organisational consulting

This may be for your organisation embarking on a culture change, reorganisation or transformation. The change may be happening to your organisation and you would like to get on top of it. Or perhaps you are the one initiating it. And all of it requires coming together of diverse groups of people with various interests who are able to pull together and create new results out of diversity and differences while working well together. It is time for a new approach, which will last.


I like a good company

Transformation and development is best done in a company. Perhaps that is why you are here considering me as your company. Well, I have a company of my own. These are people I trust to support you and me to enrich and amplify the impact we can have together. 


Public Events

These are seminars and workshops ranging from a couple of hours to a day. They are open to public to come and explore different topics and methodologies I work with. It could be an introduction to my work, or an experiment on your part to try something new in a short yet impactful way.  

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